Personal Branding


If there's one thing I've learned as a graphic designer, it's that design for personal branding is the most challenging. The design for my brand, as seen below, is one of the many versions I have created over the years.  I have slowly been transitioning from a minimalistic and simple design style to one that is more abstract and colourful. This transition is most evident in the type portion of my designs, as I have been exploring bolder and more modern variations of Scotch Roman typography. 

With this in mind, I chose Lust Italic as my primary font. Lust Italic is a calligraphic font that features bolder character weights and rounded serifs - much like my personality, Lust Italic is free-flowing and strong while also remaining elegant. 

My current colour scheme is quite simple:  white paired with a dark forest green.  As seen on my business card and resume, I find  it is extremely important to utilize white space in order to create a clean and eye-catching design.